Tournament Rules

This tournament is sanctioned by US CLUB and Washington Premier League. WPL Rules of Competition shall apply, except as mentioned below.

All participants, spectators, coaches, team staff, and tournament officials will follow State of Washington, Washington Premier League, & Snohomish County COVID guidelines unless otherwise posted at the facilities. 

Check-In: All teams must check in at the Tournament Headquarters by 1 PM on Saturday. You will receive your team packets at tournament check-in. Tournament Headquarters: Kasch Park – 8811 Airport Road, Everett, WA 98204

Failure to check in on time may cause your team players to be ineligible tournament participants. Teams with ineligible players will not receive any points for games.

To check in you will need:

  • A team roster with player name, player birthdate, and player jersey number.

All rosters must clearly identify guest players, and all guest players must be age appropriate and be duly registered with Washington Youth Soccer or another appropriate affiliated organization.

Signed medical release forms for each participating player, including guest players. These will be checked and returned to the coach/manager. Each team must have signed medical releases with the coach on the field for each game. Medical release forms can be obtained from the tournament Website, or from the WSYSA website Medical Release Form. You can also ask your club or association registrar. Players without signed medical release forms on record will not be allowed to play (of all ages). U11 and up teams without a valid roster or medical release forms are ineligible to earn points. Mod teams (U10 and under) without a valid roster or medical release forms may be replaced by another team or the child without a signed medical release form will be prohibited from participating in the tournament.


All players must be eligible for the age bracket in which they are playing and must be registered through a WSYSA or affiliated organization. NO NPSL, SELECT, or PREMIER PLAYERS ARE ALLOWED. Teams formed by a try-out or selection of players based on a try-out may not participate. Recreational teams competing in Select Leagues are not allowed. Teams must compete in a recreational-only program. Any player not listed on the team roster in possession of the tournament director at the time of check-in is an ineligible player. Ineligible players may cause the team to forfeit their points in any game the ineligible player participated in at the discretion of the Director of Judicial. Other discipline sanctions may be applied.

Guest Players:

No more than five guest players are allowed per team, without prior authorization from the tournament director. All guest players must be clearly marked on the team roster.

Guest player requirements include:

  1. The player is a recreational league player.
  2. The player is duly registered with WSYSA or an appropriate affiliate.
  3. The player must be the same age or one year younger than the team they plan to guest for during the tournament.
  4. The player must not play on more than one team in the tournament.


Schedules will be posted online on the Tournament website. Coaches are responsible to review their schedule carefully as many locations are used. Check schedules as close to the game start time as possible in case of a last-minute field change.

Teams not ready to play within 5 minutes of a scheduled start time may be required to forfeit the game. You must have a minimum of seven players (U11 – U16). and a minimum of four players (U09 – U10) to begin a game.

Once the schedule is posted no changes may be requested, the tournament may make changes based on field availability or condition.


Please refer to the Tournament website for the most up-to-date information during the tournament.

There will be tournament volunteers at most venues throughout the tournament. They will try to answer any questions, or find the person who can.

For additional questions or information, feel free to call the tournament registrar – Steven Bullock at 425-478-4462


The size and composition of divisions in each age group will be determined by the tournament director and game scheduler. Age groups may be combined if there are insufficient teams in one age group to form a division.

Submitting an application prior to the published deadline does not guarantee acceptance into the tournament.


Coaches are responsible for knowing the rules of the tournament. Referees, field volunteers, and other tournament volunteers will be available to answer questions, but may not know all the rules. The rules are available on the tournament website.

Coaches are responsible for communicating tournament rules to their players, parents, and other team members who will be present at the tournament. Coaches are responsible for knowing their game schedule times and locations.

Field addresses are available on the tournament website link “Field Locations.”


Pets are not allowed at any tournament facility during tournament time. Tournament rules supersede park rules that may allow pets. Keep the pets at home. They may not be walked between games, outside the field, or in a car or parking area. Teams who bring pets to the game can lose their points for the game in which the pet is present. Service pets are exempt from this rule.

Home Team:

The team listed first on the schedule is the home team. The home team has the choice of sidelines and the responsibility to change jerseys in the event of a color conflict.

Game Balls:

Game balls will be provided by the tournament and brought to the field by referees or other tournament staff.


Our referees will be supplied by the North Chapter Referees Association and assigned by the referee assignor for the Mukilteo Youth Soccer Club. Referees will be assigned for many games and may be delayed by travel time when moving from one field to another. If a referee is not available within 5 minutes of the scheduled start time, the coaches are to select a mutually agreed person to referee the game and begin the game. This is a recreational tournament; please treat all referees with respect. Teams who continually challenge referee decisions or otherwise abuse a referee may lose their points and be ineligible for awards. Teams that are unable to control their sidelines may be asked to leave the tournament. It is the coach’s responsibility to communicate to their sidelines and control their sideline behavior.


Teams that accumulate 4 yellow cards and/or 4 red cards, or a combination of 4 yellow and red cards need to report to tournament headquarters immediately after the game in which they received the 4th card or second red. The judicial committee may disqualify teams for the remainder of the tournament upon this misconduct review. At the conclusion of each match, the referee will give the names and jersey numbers of each player cautioned (yellow card) and/or sent off the field (red card) to the disciplinary director and/or referee assignor. Players/coaches sent off the field for misconduct shall (at least) be suspended for the next scheduled game. The circumstances of the red card shall be reviewed by the judiciary committee to determine if additional disciplinary action is warranted.

Game Formats:

U09 & U10: 7v7, teams play 2-25 minute halves and 5 minutes between halves. Max game roster size is 12. The Max tournament roster size is 16.
U11 & U12: 9v9, teams play 2-30 minute halves and 5 minutes between halves. Max game roster size is 16. The Max tournament roster size is 20.
U13 and up 11v11, teams play 2-30 minute halves and 5 minutes between halves. Max game roster size is 18. The Max tournament roster size is 24.
Teams that have more than the allowed roster size may only suit up the roster size for the match they are playing. Teams that roster more than the allowed roster size may forfeit their match and lose their points.

All games must start on time! Referees may adjust game times if there is a late start to maintain the tournament game schedule. Referees will do their best to slightly shorten successive games (if possible) to avoid severely shortening a single game later in the day.

All U11-U16 teams are guaranteed three games with the possibility of a fourth game if their team makes it to the championship.
All U09-U10 teams play three games jamboree style and are guaranteed a fourth “like vs like” game.

Protests/Disputed Matches:

A formal game protest must be made by the coach at the Kasch Park Tournament headquarters. Game protests can only be filed if the protest pertains to a violation of the FIFA Laws of the Game. Protests involving referee judgment calls will not be considered. Valid formal protests will be considered by the Tournament Director and/or Judiciary Committee. Consideration of a formal protest may or may not result in a change or correction to the game being protested. Protests must be accompanied by a $50 non-refundable fee and a completed protest form. The Tournament Committee shall adjudicate all protests, disputes, or abandoned games.

The Tournament Committee is empowered to issue appropriate penalties necessary to obtain compliance with the spirit and intent of the tournament, up to, and including, disqualification of any player, coach, spectator, or team from further participation in the tournament. The Tournament Committee and/or Judiciary’s decision is final. There is no appeal process. Questions about player qualification should be directed to the Tournament Director in person at the Kasch Park Tournament Headquarters.

Field Emergencies:

In the event a field is ruled unplayable by a referee, referee assignor, or tournament director, the game will be:

  1. Moved to another location or
  2. Scheduled for a different time and/or location.

Tournament officials will do their best to notify coaches and teams as soon as possible. Depending on the situation, affected games may be shortened or otherwise modified.


Game sportsmanship and positive attitudes from tournament staff, coaches, players, referees, and families will make the tournament memorable and rewarding. Displays of poor sportsmanship made by ANYONE on or near the field of play, before, after, or during the game will not be tolerated and could be subject to disciplinary action at the Tournament Director’s discretion. Coaches are RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT OF HIS/HER PLAYERS AND SIDELINE.

Field Rules:

  1. In case of an emergency on the field, call 911 and then notify a field official or call the tournament headquarters.
  2. The field observer has the authority to ask any person to leave the field that is disrupting a match through irresponsible behavior or violating a tournament rule.
  3. No alcohol or smoking is allowed at any facility used as part of this tournament.
  4. No pets are allowed on the field except those needed for assistance (Service pets only). People with pets will be REQUIRED to leave the game field and may only return without the pet.
  5. Park in designated parking areas only. Do not block a driveway or drive onto the field.
  6. Each team must check their sideline after each game for left items and garbage, Garbage and recycling containers should be easily located at each venue.
  7. The team that is designated HOME will choose which sideline they want to occupy. The VISITOR team will occupy the opposite sideline. Spectators will occupy the same side as their team. Exceptions to this are at Kasch Park 1 (teams on opposite sides. Spectators on the same side), Kamiak HS artificial turf field, and Lincoln field. (Teams on opposite sides. Spectators in bleachers.)
  8. Heaters either propane or electric are not permitted on or near any artificial turf surface at any time. You will be asked to turn it off and return it to your vehicle. Failure to comply may result in a loss of points for the team.

Rules of Competition:

U11 and above will play a TOURNAMENT FORMAT. For all U11+ age groups, scores will be reported to Tournament Headquarters after each match. (See Reporting Scores below)
U09-U10 will play a jamboree format; however, there will be a fourth game played on Sunday afternoon based on the tournament’s best attempt to have “like vs like” opponents.
Every U09 and U10 player will be given a participatory medal after their last game on Sunday.
The purpose of this format is to maximize the number of games for all of the younger participants and to promote “like vs like” competition without over-emphasizing scores and results.

U09/U10 (7v7), U11 (9v9)

  • (2) 25-minute period halves. U11 (2) 30-minute period halves.
  • Build out line*: halfway between the top of the penalty area line and half-line.
  • Offside to be enforced between opponents build out line and goal line.
  • No goalkeeper punts or dropkicks (IDFK to the opponent for an infraction)
  • Direct Free Kicks for contact fouls. The opponent must be 8 yards away.
  • Penalty Kicks will be awarded. The penalty kick distance is 10 yards.
  • Throw-In: Conform to FIFA… No retakes
  • U9/10 No goal can be scored directly from kick-off. U11 a goal can be scored from kick-off.
  • No heading of the ball during play. (IDFK to Opponent for Infraction)
  • Slide Tackling is permitted for all ages U9-U11.
  • *For the purposes of competition. Attackers may cross the build-out line only after the ball is “in play”.
    1) The ball is “in play” from a goal kick when the ball is kicked and clearly moves. Opponents must be outside the penalty area until the ball is in play.
    2) Ball is “in play” from a goalkeeper’s possession when the goalkeeper releases the ball from hands.

U12 (9v9)

  • (2) 30-minute period halves.
  • Build Out Line: NO
  • Offside Enforced at Halfway Line (FIFA)
  • Goalkeeper Punts or Dropkicks are allowed.
  • Direct Free Kicks for Contact Fouls. Opponents must be 8 yards away.
  • Penalty Kicks will be awarded. The penalty Kick Distance is 10 yards.
  • Throw-in: Conform to FIFA‚Ķ No Retakes.
  • A goal can be scored directly from kick-off.
  • U12 players are allowed to head the ball during play.
  • Slide Tackling is permitted.

U13-U16 (11v11)

  • Rules will Conform to WSYSA Rules of Competition; Except (2) 30-minute period halves.

Substitutions (all ages)

  • Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, during any stoppage of play. The number of substitutes shall be unlimited per substitution. Players shall enter at the halfway line for expediency. Substituted players may leave the field to the nearest boundary line if they choose.

Preliminary Round Scoring:

6 points for a win
3 points for a tie
0 points for a loss
1 point for each goal scored, up to 3 goals per game
1 point for a shutout
8 points for a forfeit, will be recorded as a 1-0
Ties: In the event, teams are tied on points after the preliminary round, the tie will be broken by the following factors (in order):

  1. Winner of head-to-head competition
  2. Fewest goals against
  3. Most goals scored (maximum 3 goals per game plus 1 point per shutout)
  4. Goal differential (goals for, minus goals against)
  5. Coin Toss

Reporting Scores:

All age groups will keep scores. 
Coaches should be able to log into their tournament account and report the score directly into the system, otherwise use the format below.

The coach for each team or designated adult is required to report their score to tournament headquarters within 30 minutes of the end of the game.

Scores will be reported by texting the information to (425) 478-4462 in the following format:

Game Time Field Gender/Age “Home Team Name” score “Visitor Team Name” Score
Example: 6:00 pm Mariner Turf BU14 Green Gators 4 Blue Dragons 6

The team names need to match the names shown on the tournament schedule.

Both teams must report scores for all games, so they can be verified.

Failure to report scores will result in a 0-0 tie for both teams.

Championship Games:

Each age group U11 and above will culminate in a Championship game. The winner of the Championship game will be the tournament Champion for their age group. Championship game eligibility is different depending on the number of teams in each age group.

Single Division – The championship will be between the two teams with the most points from divisional play. See above for tiebreaker
rules. Five (5) team groups will play four (4) games; the team with the most points will be the champion, and the next in points will be the finalist.

Two Division – The championship game will be between the top point earners from each division. See above for tiebreaker rules.

Three Division – Four teams (the three divisional winners and the second-place team with the most points from all divisions) qualify for a Semi-Final game. The winners of the Semi-Final game will play in the Championship game.

Points earned previously in the tournament don’t carry through to either the Semi-Final or Championship game.

In all Semi-Finals (if applicable) and Finals, if the score is tied at the end of regulation time, the winner will be determined by Kicks from the Mark.

The Like vs Like games can end in a tie. 

Trophies will be awarded to the Championship and Finalist teams for each age/gender group. Trophies will be awarded at the location tent immediately following the Championship Game.

Teams who fail to show up for their award will be responsible for obtaining their team’s awards.

If your team has made it to a championship game, please go directly to the tent at the championship game location immediately after your championship game to receive your team trophy and individual awards for the players.